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Sunday, September 30, 2012


Just had to share this one with you!
It was created by Sue D., one of my
monthly club members.

Creative, isn't it?!  She used household tissues, folded them into a square and then using her paper snips cut them into the shape of ghosts!  The are finished off with some googly eyes!

Thanks for sharing Sue!

............. Until tomorrow!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

A Wonderfall

I know that the calendar officially says that it is Autumn and certainly here in Connecticut we can see the signs of fall.  The leaves have been  changing quickly this past week and I am seeing pumpkin pie, more mustard, cajun craze, riding hood red, eggplant, and many other colors.

This project, I am sure inspired by the season, was created by one of my 3rd Monday club members.  Of course with my crazy life (and NOT writing it down) I can remember which one of my girls did this one!

It showcases some great products from our Holiday 2012 Mini Catalog!  The stamp set is called "Wonderfall". It can be found on Page 33 of the Holiday Catty.   The leaf focal point was cut out using the Autumn Accents Bigz Die found on the same page.  If you look behind the leave you can see that the piece of chocolate chip paper was embossed using the new Woodgrain embossing folder!
Supply List:

  • Wonderfall Stamp Set - #128087 - $17.95
  • Autumn Accents Bigz Die - #127812 - $21.95
  • Woodgrain Embossing Folder - #127821 - $7.95
  • Chocolate Chip cardstock
  • More Mustard cardstock
  • Orchard Harvest DSP - Item #126895 - $10.95
  • Regals Buttons
  • Linen Thread
............ Until tomorrow!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Stamp Out Domestic Violence

Hey friends!

I know it has been a few days....rest assured I am doing ok.  I am just very overwhelmed with "stuff"!  After getting home from Founder's Circle I had so much to catch up on.  Not to mention the biggest mess of all time!  While I was gone, my husband decided to tear down the wall between my kitchen and my dining room.  Let's just say that more than 1,000 sq. ft. of my house is covered in plaster dust!  It took me days to locate all of the orders that arrived while I was gone and I have finally unpacked them all and they are ready to go!  As for unpacking my suitcases....well, one is unpacked and one is still NOT!  The suitcase that is not unpacked is the one containing all of my stamping goodies!  I promise that I will have LOTS to share with you in the days to come.

Today I am asking you to help me out with a fundraiser that I am doing at the end of October.  I am sure that many of you know someone that has been affected by Domestic Violence of one form or another.  October is Domestic Violence Awareness month and I have agreed to assist the United Services Domestic Violence Agency in their campaign to spread the word of their programs and to help raise some money for their cause.  I need your help!!!!  I will be holding a stamp camp fundraiser on Saturday, October 27th at 10:00 am at the Danielson Elks Lodge on Center Street in Danielson, CT.  The cost of the camp is $25.00 per person and this includes the holiday stamp set called Scentsational Season as well as a package of the Festival of Prints DSP Stack and the creation of 4 projects!!
 If you already have this stamp set, you can select a set of your choice of equal or lesser value.  (I will be ordered clear-mount for everyone which has a cost of $14.95).

As always, I will have a big raffle table and all profits will be donated to the United Services Domestic Violence Program!

If you can't come, you can still support our efforts!  You can get a kit to go!!

Click the link here to register today!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Kanab, UT and the Colorado River Tour!

Oh my what a full day!  We left the hotel on Friday am at 7!  We headed out on the busses from St. George, UT to Kanab, UT.  This is about a 2 hour ride.  You actually leave UT and go into AZ for a bit and then back into UT.  It is quite funny because there is a 1-hour time difference between the two states and talk about messing up your watch!!
 We arrived at the Kanab facility and were greeted by ALL of the employees!  It is an amazing experience!  They cheer and clap and welcome us with high-fives and big hugs and cheers!  They are so thankful that we are there to visit them and they get to share what they do with us!  We got to tour the facility, make and package rubber stamps and we also got to see some brand new stuff that is going on at the plant!  (I wish I could tell you but I can't...it is secret right now)!
 I got to make my annual stop at the SU! rock located on the property!  Best thing about this year' picture is I am 24 pounds lighter!  lol
 I feel like I have been neglecting your creative side this past week so here are a couple of samples of projects on display at the Kanab office!

This one is a little "fuzzy" now that I look at it!  I can see a reflection from the class case that it is in.  Sorry about that!
When we do the tours through the manufacturing facility, they break us into smaller groups so that we can get in all of the areas, try out all of the processes, and ask as many questions as we want.  My group was Bottom:  Karen from FL, Josh the SU! HR guy, me.  Back Glenda T, Dawn G., Emily, Dawn R., and Jenny P.

Finally!  I got a decent picture with Shelli!  Not Shelli of course cuz we all know that she takes nothing but a perfect picture!  It is me I am talking about.  This photo was taken in the Gardner family apartment that is over the manufacturing facility.

This is my favorite room of the apartment...just had to share it!  This is a kitchen/dining room to die for!!  Shelli has the BEST decorating taste!

After we left the manufacturing plant, we got back on the busses and headed further south and east.  After about an hour and a half, we passed Lake Powell.  To our surprise, we ended at the Glen Canyon Dam in Arizona!  The company surprised us with a 3-1/2 hour float on the Colorado River in pontoon boats!
In this picture, Dawn and I got our safety gear on for the trek down the canyon to the loading area.  I think we look pretty HOTT in these hard hats!  lol
From our boat on the river, just after leaving the dock, this is the incredible view of the dam!  Little did I know that for the next 3+ hours I would say the word A-M-A-Z-I-N-G no less than 200 times!!!!!  The views and scenery were incredible!  We were able to view much wildlife; including herons, hawks, and wild or feral horses. I learned that the Navahos tire of their horses and just leave them on the side of roads/canyons and they wander down the canyon by the water!
These were the boats we got to ride on.

Some of the incredible scenery! While we were on the boat tour, we went through a 270 degree turn called Horseshoe Bend.  It was amazing!  Just before we entered the bend, our guide showed us an aerial photo of it!  I fell in LOVE immediately.  I quickly asked if she had any copies for sale because I just HAD to have one!  Of course she didn't but she told me that I should be able to find a photo like it on a post card...problem was we weren't staying in AZ we were going back 3-1/2 hours to St. George! :(
We came across a group of people camping right on the edge of the river!  You gotta love their outdoor kitchen!  I had to take this photo because Paul would LOVE a floating kitchen like this!
Feral horses on the shore of the Colorado River

Afer finishing our boat tour, we exited the boats and were to retrieve our dinner from the SU! events team to eat on the bus ride home.  I was so delighted when I reached them and found these awesome insulated lunch "purses"!  this is what they served our dinner in!!!  We each got one!

The ride back to St. George was rather long but we were kept entertained by various demonstrators telling their horror workshop stories!  Even Shelli told some!  It was an absolute perfect day!  How could it get any better than this?
 Well here is how it gets even better! When we got back to the hotel and I got to my room I found the best pillow gift ever!!!  My very own framed copy of the arial view of Horseshoe Bend!!!  The photo was taken at sunset which makes it even more beautiful!  I cried when I saw the picture because now I can look at it every day and be reminded of the unbelievable journey down the Colorado River!

My loot pile is not all fitting on my shelf!  I hope I can get it all home!

............... Until tomorrow! -  Last day at Founder's Circle!  :(

Thursday, September 20, 2012

A day by the pool and lots of sharing.....

The second day of Founder's Circle brought much relaxation and sunshine!  I spent the entire day by the pool!  I had not only my breakfast but also my lunch and dinner by the pool!  I finished my 125 swap cards out at the pool too!  Let's just say that the patio of the pool area is much more dazzling now that I have been there!

 Because we still had so much stamping to do before our big swap on Thursday night, we all worked feverishly around the pool to get the job done. We received visits from the Stampin' Up! corporate staff to bring us treats by the pool!
In this picture to the left, Jennifer brought us ice cold water bottles to keep up hydrated.  Pam Morgan (back to you brought some fresh fruit!)
 In the photo to the right, Cory Handcock brought us veggies and dip!!
 With all of the sitting and stampin, we needed to get up and move around!  We had a great game of volleyball with a bunch of other demonstrators in the pool!

We hung outdoors for as long as we possibly could!  Finally I had to cave in and shower to get ready for our night of sharing stamping and business ideas and of course my favorite, swapping cards!
When we entered the swap/business event, we were each given one of the awesome bags you see Pam holding in this photo!  It is printed with this year's Founder's Circle logo and info.  It was the perfect bag for my 125 swaps!

For those of you that don't know about the business share and swap...it is 125+ women in pajamas swapping business ideas and hand-stamped cards while we eat delicious treats prepared especially for us!

 We had multiple varieties of Rice Krispie Treats! Some regular, some with M & M's baked in, and some with a chocolate gonosh and crushed Reeses Peanut Butter Cups on top! all YUMMY!
 I took some time to pose for special photos with my dear friend, Dawn Griffith!
 Here you can see Shelli (CEO and Co-Founder of SU!) with her daughter Sara working feverishly to finish autographing their swaps!
 Have you ever seen 125 gals lined up swapping with each other?!  It really is a sight to see!

How about 125+ demonstrators in their pajamas posing for a group photo?  PRICELESS!  Here we all are!  Can you find me in the photo?  Drop me a comment/email and I will draw a winner from anyone that picks me out!  Prize will be selected by me and sent to you!

After the PJ party, I returned to my room to find the night's pillow gift!!!  It was an extremely soft and fluffy throw complete with a Founder's Circle 2012 tag!

As you can see here, the loot pile is growing!  This is all FREE stuff courtesy of SU!  Man, I LOVE this Company!!

................... Until tomorrow!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Founder's Circle Day 1 Adventure

Hello my faithful friends!

I first want to apologize for being "away" from you for a few days!  Believe me it wasn't by choice!  While I was in St. George, UT for my Founder's Circle (FC) trip I had TERRIBLE internet abilities!  I was able to get on to type things but could not upload a single picture to my blog!  Talk about frustrating!  You know that I like to keep all of you in the loop with what is going on!  Since getting home at 12:15 am on Monday I have had NO time to even get at my keyboard.  I showered, got 3-1/2 hours sleep, taught school all day Monday, had one of my stamp clubs Monday night.  Pretty much repeated the same schedule on Tuesday except that I left the house at 6:30 on Tuesday am and returned at 8:30 pm because it was open house night at school!  My suitcases are all still sitting right where I left them and to top it all off, when I returned home on Monday early am, I found that my hubby tore down the wall between our kitchen and dining room...so now my house is a dusty, gritty, construction zone!!

So here I sit so that I can share with you my first day of FC fun!  Over the next several days I will share the rest of my trip....there is LOTS to share!

 After being bussed in from Las Vegas to St. George, we arrived to the welcome of the SU! corporate staff.  Our theme of this year's event was a beach/oceanic one so the huge sign over the main entrance was truly fitting...fishing nets and all!

The gathering place was incredible of course!  The shelves were stocked with candies of all varieties and the coolers full of veggies and dip as well as lots of fruit salad!

When I reached my hotel room I was greeted by the incredible name sign to mark my living quarters for the next four days!  A miniature life preserver inscribed with the FC 2012 info and of course my name!
 Once my suitcases made it to my room, I immediately changed in my bathing suit.  For those of you that know me, you know that I LOVE the sunshine and my favorite place to be when it is warm out is either at a pool or the beach.  Luckily for me the weather was always in the 90's during the day and I was able to spend LOTS of time in the sunshine!  My pals Connie and Dawn got busy blowing up the pool "toys" that Dawn brought to keep us occupied!
She came equipped with several beach balls and an inflatable volleyball net!  Oh what a blast we had with this!

Our welcome reception was held by the pool this year.  There is where we discovered and met the other gals that were on our team.  Following the reception we were escorted to the formal dinner to enjoy a fabulous meal!
 Our team was called the Gulf Beach girls and we arrived at our table to find a beautiful place setting for each of us.
The place setting included a gorgeous drinking glass engraved with the Founder's Circle 2012 logo and a personalized name stamp!!

 Dinner started with a tasty appetizer of chilled tomatoes with gorgonzola cheese and a balsamic glaze with fresh basil as well as a slice of homemade corn bread with whipped butter.
 Dinner was a feast of seafood!  Alaskan crab legs, little neck clams, shrimp, steamed potatoes, and corn on the cob.
 Dessert was served in a toasty hot mini skillet!  It was a freshly made assorted berry pie ala mode!

My tablemates:

Dawn, Rolanda, Audra, Dianna, Connie, Jodi, and me!  We had a great time at dinner and getting to know each other!

After dinner, I returned to my room and of course found the first of many pillow gifts!  I can't post an actual picture of it because it contains some incredible new products that will be coming out in our next "mini" catalog!  So you will have to be patient and wait for some samples that I will post!
To cap off our night, Dawn and I decided on a late night volleyball game!  Let me tell you...she is wicked competitive and a brutal player!  It was tough playing in the 5' deep side of the pool when you are only 5' tall!  LOL

...........Until tomorrow!